The Beaconsfield Triangle Part 1 – The Toope Murders

In 1995 an elderly couple was brutally murdered in their home by a three teenage boys. Retired Minister Frank Toope (aged 75) and his wife Jocelyn Toope (aged 70) were bludgeoned to death, shocking a community unused to such horrific crimes. Their murderers (ages 13, 14 and 15 at the time) would brazenly brag of the crimes the next day at school. The evidence suggests that the three were intent on killing that night with one being quoted as having said about their wearing gloves “the police don’t take fingerprints for break-and-enter, but they do for murders.” The teens surrounded the sleeping couple and when Jocelyn Toope woke she was smashed with a beer bottle, next Frank Toope was struck repeatedly with a baseball bat. His face was left unrecognizable. Why would children commit such gruesome murders? “the kick of it.”  according the police.

This horrific crime took place at 242 St. Charles and is considered the first of what would be four “Beaconsfield Triangle” murders, seemingly unrelated killings that all took place within a half-kilometer of each other.

According to google maps my home is a 4 minute walk from the Toope residence.





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